We live, we love, we grow New Orleans

NOLAdex is simply a digital rolodex – a collection of the many talented people of Greater New Orleans. We inspire one another. We see talent in each other. We connect with each other.

This project was created by the generous volunteers who participated in the second day 'Hack Day' of BarCampNola4 on the weekend of July 16-17, 2011. This site is further maintained by gnocode.


Gant Laborde

I create iPhone Apps

I teach RubyMotion

I teach Rails

K mardi gras

Kenneth Milstead

I organize clinical data to help bring products to market.

I organize technology & people to optimize clinical research.

I create systems to allow programming/document reuse.

P1010085 - version 2

Cristen Freeman

I create user-friendly contracts.

I create concise, successful legal arguments.

I create compliance with federal and state laws.


Matthew Turland

I create open source code

I build useful products for end users

I teach best practices for creating software


J. Ramirez

I heal after long nights out.

I organize very little.

I teach what not to do. (mostly)


Lisa Lloyd

I create Louisiana


Ryan Kelly

I create relationships

I build trust, like and respect

I organize my computer files

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Ethan Levy

I organize action among student leaders

I create a community of Changemakers

I teach others how to user their forces for good


Joel Wietelmann

I organize Hack Night

I build tech startups

I create software


Eli Ash

I build stories and characters

I create images with a voice

I teach expressions


Julia Ballard

I create .

I build .

I teach .


Bob Murrell

I create laughs (Standup | Improv)

I build software (mumms Software | 2nd Line Software)

I create theater awesomeness (Actor | Writer)

Me - facebook

Glenn Penton

I create .

I build .

I teach .


Jason Carpentier

I build software.

I organize Startup Digest New Orleans.

I build passionate teams.



I create <marquee>Test</marquee>

I create <marquee>Test</marquee>

I create <marquee>Test</marquee>


Nick Elliott Noble

I create design that solves problems.

I build things push projects forward.

I teach others the skills to build their own way.


Danielle Dayries

I create Dreams

I teach people how to find their passion.

I create Resumes, LinkeIn Profiles and Job Search Plans

Danielle dayries2

Danielle Dayries

I create Resumes

I teach outplacement employers

I build packages for job seekers


Mike O'Neill

I create SEO

I create internet marketing

I create happy business people


John Mark Maust

I create Connections across cultures

I teach languages

I build teams


Andi Norris

I create characters.

I create moments.

I build stories.


Ryan Colgin

I organize thoughts & ideas.

I build on what I know & learn.

I create meaningful design & connections.


Randall Toepfer

I create quality software

I build lasting friendships

I organize lots of parties!


Jennifer Hughes

I create materials that help people communicate

I create easy to navigate and clean web sites

I teach artists how to develop/plan their career goals



I build projects

I create art

I organize


Deon Calvin

I create Media That Makes Dreams Come True CD Duplications

I create Graphic Art For CD's , DVD's & Posters

I build Music Careers.


Ryan Williams

I build helpful sources of user information.

I create sturdy and elegant bass lines.


Nipurn Doshi

I create Web sites.

I create mobile web applications.

I build front end and backend for websites and webapps.


Dan Noble

I build nifty web applications

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Tom Daly

I create unique insurance solutions and "cool" technology.

I teach people how to buy things they don't want to buy.

I build relationships.